Merchant App

FiberConnect Merchant App allows you to collect payments in various scenarios via QR Code or payment links

What makes our solutions special?


Multiple options to fit in business use cases

Easy to use

Not requiring huge technical efforts

24/7 reporting

Real-time transaction data lookup

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Use your own mobile device to accept payments

Face-to-Face Payment Collection

Generate a QR Code for customers to scan & pay on the spot
Can be applied in physical scenarios, such as payment on delivery or payment in physical stores

Remote Payment Collection

Generate a payment link and share with customers via instant messaging tools
Payment link supports FPS, Alipay HK & WeChat Pay HK

Real-time Payment Status Update

Dashboard for staff monitoring sales trend
Auto payment confirmation to staff

Accepting remote payments easily


You need to create a FiberConnect account for enabling the plugin

Payment Request

You can input the order amount and generate a payment link for social share

Payment Collection

Customers direct to FiberConnect payment page to scan & pay


You can check all the transaction records in our FiberConnect web portal

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