Embody FinTech in your Business

We help businesses to embrace Open Banking & FinTech by providing smooth and meaningful API integrations.

Comprehensive Coverage of the Needs of SMEs

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What We Do

Partnering with the best API Providers in Banking, Insurance Industry and Cloud-based Software. FiberConnect acts as a connector to provide one-stop digital offerings for SME / Startups to achieve more in the business world.

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Our Product

FiberConnect is our flagship product built on top of Open API to help SME & Startups  enhance their efficiency on Invoicing, Digital Payment, Accounting and Payroll through API integrations.


Cloud-based invoicing system to support FPS payment


Digital Payment

Online & Offline payment tools in various clients channels for rapid payment collects



Integrates with cloud-based accounting software to simplify and automate payment reconciliation for businesses of all sizes



(Coming Soon)

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