WooCommerce Payment Plugin (WordPress)

FiberConnect Payment Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to collect payment instantly via QR Code on your WordPress online store without deep integration

What makes our solutions special?

Quick Installation

Install the plugin to WordPress easily


API infrastructure is verified by bank partners

24/7 Reporting

Real-time transaction data lookup

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One-click to enable payment methods on your online store

Local payment methods for checkout

Customer preferences at the time of checkout vary drastically and supporting local payment methods can significantly increase the likelihood of conversion
Support FPS, Alipay HK & WeChat Pay HK

Mobile-friendly and fast checkout

Customers can simply download the dynamic QR Code and upload to mobile banking for FPS payment
No need to input the merchant’s registered FPS proxy ID and the payment amount

Real-time payment status update

Dashboard for staff monitoring sales trend
Auto payment confirmation to customer

Accepting online payments easily


You need to create a FiberConnect account for enabling the plugin


Install the plugin to your WordPress online store and complete the checkout setup

Payment Collection

Customers direct to FiberConnect payment page to scan & pay


You can check all the transaction records in our FiberConnect web portal

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