Calendly Online Booking Add-ons

FiberConnect provides one-stop online booking add-ons, allowing your customers to make appointments and complete payments on a customized web page

What makes our solutions special?


Multiple options to fit in business use cases

Easy To Use

Not requiring huge technical efforts

24/7 Reporting

Real-time booking records lookup

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One-stop online booking journey

Pre-built Landing Page

Use our landing page builder to add your own text and photos easily
Customize the landing page for displaying your services or products

Integrate with Calendly

You can embed Calendly‘s appointment function directly on the landing page for your customer use
Automate reminders and follow-ups email

Local payment methods for checkout

Support FPS, Alipay & WeChat Pay
Customer preferences at the time of checkout vary drastically and supporting local payment methods can significantly increase the likelihood of conversion
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Mange online bookings easily

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You need to create a Calendly account & FiberConnect account for enabling the plugin


Use our landing page builder to add your services and publish the web page for customer booking

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Payment Collection

Customers direct to FiberConnect payment page to scan & pay after booking

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You can check all the transaction records and booking records in our FiberConnect web portal

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