FiberConnect x HSBC

FiberConenct x HSBC

Empowering SMEs with HSBC Business Collect

FiberConnect has empowered different SME businesses with FPS service.

* Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by FiberConnect do not necessarily reflect the official views from the bank.

Use Cases


One-click to enable payment methods on your online store

FiberConnect Payment Plugin for WooCommerce and OpenCart allows you to collect payment instantly via QR Code on your online store without deep integration.


Receiving Payment through PayMe for Business

FiberConnect Payment Integration allows you to collect payment instantly via PayMe for Business and unlock automatic payment updates features.

Selected Special Offers for FiberConnect Users

HSBC Special Offer

First 30 days FPS transaction fee waiver

FiberConnect Special Offer

Discount on one-time Setup fee

First 6 months transaction fee waive1

  • New HSBC Business Collect merchant upon successful service application
  • New beNovelty FiberConnect FPS Payment Plugin subscriber upon successful 1 year service application
  • Now until 30 June 2022 23:59:59

1 Transaction Fee Waiver offer covers FiberConnect related Fee only and it is eligible for the first HKD 500K payment amount handled in the first 6 months of subscription. Bank related Fee applies separately and not included in this wavier.

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