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What can you do with FiberConnect – Xero

Accept FPS payments through Xero online invoicing features.

How does FiberConnect – Xero feeds work?

After a few steps to setup and connect with your Xero account, FiberConnect will automatically sync your Xero invoice payment transaction into your connected Bank account in Xero. You can easily match the payment transaction with your Bank account transaction on Xero.

Before Setup

Before setting up FiberConnect with Xero, please ensure you have a Bank account in your Xero account and ready for FPS Payment Collection:

If you already have one, please skip the following steps in “Before Setup”

  1. Login Xero and go to Bank accounts page (You may do this in your Xero account under Accounting > Bank accounts)
  1. Add a Bank account
  1. Select your Bank
  1. You may connect with your actual Bank account or create a clearing Bank account in Xero
    • If you want to connect with your actual Bank account, follow 4.1
    • If you want to create a clearing Bank account in Xero, follow 4.2
    • 4.1 Click “Login & Connect Accounts” to connect with your actual Bank account
      • You will be directed to your selected Bank website to login and provide authorization
      • Xero will automatically connect your selected Bank account with your Xero account
    • 4.2 Click “Skip” to create a clearing Bank account in Xero
    • (You may use this clearing Bank account to connect with your actual Bank account at any time)

      • 4.2.1 Input the Account details to setup this clearing Bank account
      • 4.2.2 Click “Continue” to complete setup

Connect Xero account with FiberConnect

  1. Login your FiberConnect account in https://sales-portal.fiberapi.com/
  1. Select "Xero Integration – Invoice Payment Collection" in Integration page

    (You may find this “Integration” page from the sidebar)

  1. Click on “Connect to Xero” button and you will be directed to Xero login page to login and provide consent to connect with FiberConnect
  1. Once completed the above steps, you can see your connected Xero organization in Xero Integration - Settings page on FiberConnect
  2. There is only one step left to activate FiberConnect payment plugin in your Xero account

  1. Complete Xero integration setup filling in the below fields
    • 5.1 Enter Xero Pay button text
    • Enter the payment button text that you would like your customers to see upon clicking the Xero invoice link (You can customize the Pay button text in your first time setup)
    • 5.2 Select Xero branding theme
    • Select the branding theme from your Xero account

    • 5.3 Select Bank account for FPS payment collection
    • Select your Bank account that has been set up in Xero (if no, refer to the above “Before Setup” section). This is your actual Bank account which you would like to connect with FiberConnect to record FPS payment transaction
    • 5.4 Click “Save” button to save all Xero settings
    • Make sure you have enabled FiberConnect plugin before you click the “Save” button

    • 5.5 After you clicked the "Save" button