Free FPS QR Code Generator

What is FPS?

FPS — an Effective, Flexible, Secure Real-time Online Payment Tool

FPS connects to local financial institutions and it supports Hong Kong Dollar and Chinese Yuan as transaction currencies to conduct payment, money collection and transfer for both individuals and merchants. Upon register, FPS, services such as 24/7 cross-bank transactions, digital wallet top-up, bill payment and money collection are ready for use, bring users an effective, flexible and secure transaction experience.

FPS QR Code Generator

FiberAPI provides enterprises with a free FPS QR code generator and users are required to input only a few information for QR code generation.

The customer only needs to scan the QR code provided by the merchant via mobile phone. Within seconds, the customer is directed to confirm payment details and pay the merchant with just a click, enjoying the super-efficient money collecting process.

Want more upgrading services for your business?

FiberAPI also provides the following services:

Editable QR code for more flexible transaction

One-click email invoicing for operation cost saving

Auto payment confirmation for flash transaction acknowledgement

Real-time payment status update for monitoring transaction progress

Invoice validation for more effective transaction record management

Need more advanced features?