FiberConnect Payment plugin on Xero invoicing allows you to accept payments with FPS.

Section 1 - Create invoice with FiberConnect as payment method on Xero

  1. Connect your Xero account with FiberConnect. You may refer to Setup Xero Integration with FiberConnect to activate FiberConnect payment plugin for Xero
  2. Go to Xero Invoice page (You may do this in your Xero account under Business > Invoices)
  1. Click “New Invoice” to create new Invoice transaction
  1. Complete required invoice details and click on “Approve” button
  1. After approved the invoice, FiberConnect payment service will automatically connect your Xero Invoicing account and this would allow you to accept payment via FPS

Section 2 - Complete payment transaction with FPS for Xero invoice

  1. By clicking on the Xero invoice link, your customer will see a "Pay now" button on top
  2. (your may customize the pay button text during your first time setup Xero Integration on FiberConnect)
  1. Clicking on the payment button, your customer can see FiberConnect Payment page, with dynamic FPS QR code generated for the invoice transaction
  1. After completing the payment transaction, Xero invoice status is automatically updated to “paid” on Xero invoice link
  1. You can also see the invoice transaction is updated under the “Paid” tab on Xero

Section 3 - Reconcile invoice payment with bank account on Xero

  1. In your connected Bank account, you can see the transaction created and the transaction paid are matched automatically
    The transaction is not yet reconciled at this moment (Account transaction status marked as “Unreconciled”)
  1. Click “OK” to reconciled the matched transaction (Account transaction status marked as “Reconciled”)
    The transaction is reconciled at this moment (Account transaction status marked as “Reconciled”)